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Miss Magnolia “Maggie”

Maggie is our little diva of the family.  She has a very sweet disposition and is a big flirt with our other dogs and family members.  Maggie’s personality is larger than her body. Her morning routine consists of needing a hug before going outside, always sleeping on her back and “talking” to her toys. Maggie is always at your side, curious and full of energy.  We love her sizing, it’s a good balance to her beautiful red and white coat. We hit the jack pot with this one. Can’t wait to see the babies she will produce.

  • Dam: Dutchus Willow of Tennessee
  • Sire: Good Time ChaLee
  • Whelped: 6/19/18
  • AKC #: DN54110306
  • Microchip: 985113002564842
  • DM Clear
  • VWD1 Clear

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